Friday, October 19, 2012

13 Cosplays of Halloween - Marceline/Marshall Lee (Adventure Time)

Bonjour, everybody! ^^ Your pal Bri here. This month, I decided to post some of the spookiest cosplays you can do for both October cons and for the ghouls that visit your door on Halloween. I call it, as the title says, '13 Cosplays of Halloween,' in which I post a new spooky costume recipe every day until Halloween. ^^

Let's start off this event by taking a 'bite' out of something American. ^^ Ever seen or heard of 'Adventure Time?' If not, watch the show. It's awesome! If so, then you'll know who Marceline is.

Marce with her guitar. ^^ Rock on! \m/_

Another outfit of hers.

Marceline's male counterpart, Marshall Lee.

Wanna know how to be the Vampire Queen/King for Halloween? Here's what you gonna need:
  • Either a gray tank top or a red and black shirt (striped for Marceline, plaid for Marshall)
  • Blue skinny jeans (Any other pair will do too, as long as it's blue)
  • Red boots or black flip-flops for Marceline OR brown Converse shoes for Marshall
  • Black, white and red face paint (found at different stores around October like Party City, Walmart, Target, Spirit, etc.)
  • Paper plates
  • A foundation brush (for mixing the paint and applying it)
  • Black temporary color hairspray (Optional if you already have black hair)
  • A straightener (Optional if your hair's straight)
  • A parent or guardian (For all you kids out there!)
And here's what to do:
  1. Get dressed. Grab a smock or a plain shirt for the makeup. Don't wanna ruin the costume while applying the makeup!
  2. Take the black and white face paint and mix them in a paper plate with the handle's tip. I suggest using tubes instead of palettes because you can get the exact amount you need from them rather than gambling on a palette and ruining the other paints. Last thing Sarah or Joey wants to be is a gloomy clown.
  3. Once the black and white paints turn into a nice gray, brush it in. When you're done with the paint, throw out the plate. Rinse out the brush good, including the handle, and dry it. If you have a cosmetic sponge, that will work too, but throw it away when you're done.
  4. Once you're all nice and painted, take a fresh paper plate and add some red face paint. The red will be used for the bite marks on Marceline's neck.
  5. Take the same foundation brush you used for the gray paint, dip the handle's tip or the bristles into the red paint and lightly dab a couple holes on your neck. You're bitten!
  6. Straighten your hair, let it cool and spray it with the black hairspray. Let Mom or Dad do this if you're younger.
If you wanna do his/her guitar, just get a plastic ax, make some guitar bits out of very sturdy cardboard or poster board and paint it. You're done! ^^ Have fun and hope you find your Finn/Fionna~ <3

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